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We accept only the highest quality, pure, undiluted essential oils.
"If I wouldn't use it on my own family, I won’t sell it to yours.” –Dr. Palmer

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Why you only want the best — and why that’s all we deliver.

The two greatest concerns when looking for essential oils are quality and purity, and not every source can deliver these. Regardless of whether you call it “therapeutic grade”, “aromatherapy grade”, “certified”, or anything else you like, what it all comes down to is whether or not the essential oil in question is pure and undiluted, and if it will work to the highest degree of effectiveness possible.

A single essential oil can only be a high quality oil if it is obtained from premium stock, and it can only be pure when it contains nothing but that specific essential oil. At Nature’s Bulk we only provide essential oils that are both high quality and pure, and nothing else. When it comes to using essential oils for your own health, and for the health and wellbeing of your family, children and friends, nothing but the best, highest quality, purest essential oils will do.

At Nature’s Bulk we won’t waste your time with shady or confusing labels and advertising gimmicks, or anything that isn’t high quality and pure. When you purchase our essential oils we want you to be confident that you are getting the finest quality essential oils you can get from a source you can trust, and we will do all we can to maintain that confidence and trust. This is our pledge.

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